Submissive Postures

The following is a collection of postures that I have found across the internet. This page is divided in to Basic Postures, Head Postures, Hand Postures, Feet Postures, Standing Postures, Sitting Postures, Discipline Postures, and Specialized Postures for pet submissives. All postures are acceptable for any genders unless otherwise expressly stated in the description. At the bottom of this page you will find links to the websites that I have used to build my personal posture library, I hope that you search them out and find them useful in your explorations.

Basic Postures


  1. Attention: submissive brings the heels together sharply on line, with the toes pointing out equally, forming an angle of 45 degrees. Rest the weight of the body evenly on the heels and balls of both feet. Keep the legs straight without locking the knees. Hold the body erect with the hips level, chest lifted and arched, and the shoulders square. Keep the head erect and face straight to the front with the chin drawn in so that alignment of the head and neck is vertical. Let the arms hang straight without stiffness. Curl the fingers so that the tips of the thumbs are alongside and touching the first joint of the forefingers. Keep the thumbs straight along the sides of the leg with the first joint of the fingers touching the leg.
  2. Inspect/Arrest: submissive stands with heels brought sharply in line at the heel toes pointing out equally to form an angle of 45 degrees. The  hands are clasped behind the neck with shoulders rounded down and back. The neck is held straight and back to align with the body, the chin is raised slightly with eyes looking forward.
  3. Auction: submissive stands with legs shoulder width apart, arms out straight at a 45 ° angle from the body, palms facing up. The neck is held straight and back to align with the body, the chin should be raised slightly and eyes should be lowered.
  4. At Ease: (Male) submissive moves the left foot about 10 inches to the left of the right foot. Keep the legs straight without locking the knees, resting the weight of the body equally on the heels and balls of the feet. Simultaneously, place the hands at the small of the back and centered on the belt. Keep the fingers of both hands extended and joined, interlocking the thumbs so that the palm of the right hand is outward. Keep the head and eyes as in the position of attention. Remain silent and do not move unless otherwise directed. (Female) submissive stands with spine straight in neutral position, back leg is straight and bearing the weight of the body, front leg is slightly bent at the knee and brought forward in front of the back leg. Front foot is pointed or en pointe position.

Kneeling Postures:

  1. Display: submissive kneels with back straight  and weight balanced between the hips evenly, the knees should be bent and legs spread shoulder width apart to allow the Dominant sight of his or her genitals. Hands should rest palms facing upward on top of the thighs.
    1. Variations of this posture include the hands clasped behind the neck, the box position, and strappado position. (See hand positions section for details).
  2. Offer: submissive kneels forward with wrists crossed and eyes lowered. The position should be held as though the submissive is holding the crossed wrists as far forward as possible offering them to the Dominant. Thighs should be at a 45° angle to the floor, this is a tension position.
  3. Back on heels: submissive kneels and rests the posterior onto the back of the heels. Spine should be kept erect or slightly arched according to the preference of the Dominant.
  4. At Attention: submissive kneels with shins placed against the floor, thighs vertical and body held upright. Arms should be held in strappado or box position.
  5. 45: submissive kneels with thighs at a 45° degree angle to the floor, hands behind back, elbows pressed together, feet naturally pointed. The head held proud or neutral, depending on the taste of the Dominant.

Punishment Postures:

  1. OTK: submissive leans over the Dominants lap, with palms and knees resting on the floor.
  2. Chastise: submissive takes a posture similar to OTK but the chest should remain raised and the hands should be clasped behind the neck, with chin up and eyes forward.
  3. Trapped: submissive takes a posture similar to OTK but the inner leg should be trapped between the Dominants legs, both hands should be palm down on the floor.
  4. Toe Touch: submissive bends forward with back straight and hands resting on the shins, ankles, or feet. For added tension the Dominant can order the submissive to remain in tip toes during punishment (only for the very well balanced).
  5. Kiss the floor: submissive assumes a kneeling position with thighs held at a 45° degree angle to the floor. The posterior pressed back and offered up for discipline, arms stretched forward along the floor. His or her head should be bent forward held two inches off floor.
  6. Pray to Hell: submissive is prone on the floor with face down, legs spread wide (slut position) with arms and hands in reverse prayer position. This is a stressful position but allows full access to the tender areas of the body for punishment. It is also quite a delicious feast for the eyes.

Reverence Postures:

  1. Servant Genie: submissive kneels in 45, head lowered 2 inches above floor. The back should remain straight, with hands placed on floor beside the knees and fingers clasped together.
  2. Homage: submissive kneels with hands outstretched along the floor, palms down. The forehead should rest against the floor and the back should remain straight.
  3. Adoration: submissive assumes the homage posture but hands should delicately grasp the boot or shoe of the Dominant. The submissive should kiss and lick the toe while uttering praise for the Dominant.
  4. Wisdom: submissive lies face down on floor with palms resting under the shoulders in supplication. The legs should be pressed tight together with toes pointed, the shins ankles and feet should be raised off of the floor.

Hand Postures:

  1. Clasped behind neck: submissive interlocks the fingers of each hand and holds the hands just above the nape of the neck. Hands should not rest on the neck.
  2. Box: submissive crosses the arms at the elbows behind the small of the back, the hands should grab each opposite elbow or forearm.
  3. Strappado: submissive presses arms together behind back, elbows forearms and wrists should be touching as if bound by arms cuffs.
  4. Pony: submissive holds arms shoulder width apart and bent at the elbows. The hands should be brought up to mid chest height and the wrists should be bent with the hands bound or held in fists (like hooves).
  5. Prayer: submissive holds hands in the prayer position just below the breasts (over the solar plexus) in the middle of the chest.
  6. Reverse Prayer: submissive holds arms behind back bent comfortably at the elbow with palms touching one another. The hands should be placed at the middle of the back.
  7. Waitress: submissive holds his or her elbows drawn in tight to the sides and pulled back. Forearms are extended forward and down at a perpendicular 90 degree angle to the body, hands held out with palms facing up.

HEad Postures:

  1. Arrogant: submissive holds head as high as possible with eyes looking down the length of the nose in disgust of all he/she sees. Exceptionally good for humiliation punishment for an out of line submissive.
  2. Proud: submissive holds head up and erect with eyes looking ahead and unafraid.
  3. Neutral: submissive holds head upright with eyes looking forward but not focused on anything specifically.
  4. Humble: submissive lowers head slightly, eyes remain neutral, the object is to look as though proud but humble not abject or surrendering.

Foot Postures:

  1. Tip toes or High Heel: submissive has heels raised off the ground and the balls of the feet flat against the floor, the ankles should touch unless otherwise directed by the Dominant.
  2. En Pointe: submissive has heels raised off the floor and the toes pointed to support the weight of the body against the floor. This is an extremely difficult posture to stand in and should be trained for with ballet shoes until the submissive develops the strength to do so without aid. Generally only for females or gender bent submissives.
  3. Natural Point: submissive should hold the feet naturally pointed with toes pressed together.
  4. Toes spread: submissive holds the feet in neutral position but spreads the toes open.

Specialized Postures:

Postures For Pets
  1. Leash: submissive kneels with arms in box position or wrists crossed behind back, neck lifted to owner’s hand, chin lifted and head turned to the left offering collar for leash.
    1. Variations
      1. Standing Leash: submissive stands with hands in box posture, strappado or wrists crossed behind back. Feet are shoulder width apart with the chest held high, back and shoulders rounded back. Head is held high and turned to the left with eyes lowered to allow owner access to the collar.
      2. Kneeling Leash (Male pets/ Equines or Dogs): submissive kneels with one leg bent holding thigh parallel to the floor, palms pressed against the floor or arms held in box or strappado posture.
  2. Heel: submissive stands and moves behind owner bending at the waist with wrists crossed behind the back and head resting next to the Dominant’s hip.
    1. Variation:
      1. Kneeling Heel (Dogs): submissive kneels with one leg bent at 90° angle, thigh parallel to the floor with arms in box or strappado, head placed beside Dominant’s hip waiting to be led.
  3. Sit: submissive kneels beside Dominant one knee is placed on the floor with the leg spread out behind, foot resting with sole up. The other leg is bent with knee at chest height, the head should be held in neutral or humble posture.
    1. Variation:
      1. Heed: submissive adopts the similar posture but one arm should be rested across the bent knee and other should rest on the ground. The head should be held in humble posture waiting for instruction.
  4. As You Will: submissive adopts a kneeling position and then reclines back until the palms of the hand rest against the floor. The arms should be straight but not tensed or bent at the elbow depending on flexibility; if your submissive is extremely flexible they should lean back until his/her rests on the floor. This position is a tension position and requires flexibility in the ankle joints. Use with care.
    1. Variations:
      1. Wanton: submissive assumes the same posture but the legs are spread in slut posture allowing access to genitals.
      2. Virginal: submissive assumes the same posture but the legs are tightly pressed closed in modesty.
  1. Leash: submissive assumes the same posture as the regular leash the hands are held in front strappado for equine or raised in pony.
  2. Pretty Pony: submissive stands on tip toe on one leg with the other leg slightly bent at the knee and raised with foot en pointe. Arms are placed in front strappado posture or pony.
  3. Arc de Triumphe (ADT): submissive raises onto the point of the knees, heels pulled up and back against back of thighs with toes en pointe, hands should support the body by holding at the ankles, unless bound in the position, at which point the submissive should hold him/herself upright with support of a piece of furniture.
  4. Classic: submissive sits with back straight and legs pressed together or crossed with toes en pointe, the hands are placed in front strappado or pony.
  5. Z: submissive lies supine on his or her front with one leg raised by bending at the knee and bringing the toes up toward the ceiling. The other leg is brought to rest on the bent knee forming a “Z” with the legs when viewed from above or from the side. Toes are held on en pointe or natural pointe position. This is an asymmetric pose, but very beautiful when done correctly.
  6. Starter’s Orders: submissive places his or her weight on  his or her hands placed firmly against the ground. The arms are held straight with the legs bent slightly at the knee and brought just under the body with the toes en pointe.
  7. Diana’s Bow: submissive lies on his or her front, face down, legs straight, tight together and toes naturally pointed. The submissive must raise his or her legs as far as possible. The hands are brought back to cup the buttocks, and the head is raised slightly to make the curve of the bow symmetrical.
  8. JBJS: submissive lies on his or  her side, legs together, knees bent, toes naturally pointed, and reaches down his or her shins with the hands.
  9. Lying 45: submissive lies on his or her back and raises the legs, holding them together, legs straight, toes naturally pointed, with the thighs at a 45 degree angle to the body. This is a tension position, submissives with lower back problems or weak core muscles should not be put into this position.
  10. Sacrifice: submissive lies on his or her back, legs together and outstretched, hands together above head outstretched, toes naturally pointed.
    1. Variation:
      1. Night Mare: submissive assumes the sacrifice position but the legs should be spread wide apart in slut and the back should be arched slightly. Feet should be en pointe.

All of these positions offer a basic starting point for aesthetic beauty. Both male and female submissives should perfect the forms so that their physiques are as appealing as possible to the Dominant. Many of these postures can be applied for all types of submission, they offer a starting place for creativity and personal taste of the Dominant. I give credit to the following websites and the respective authors for providing the information I have presented here. Adjustments to the postures have been made according to my personal taste and may therefore not be as they originally appear on the websites.

Restrained Elegance    Hywel & Ariel

Basic Service Positions  Author Unknown but Compiled by Frugal Domme

In the future I will try to post a gallery of the positions as I have them described here, each of the websites listed above have visual references, I highly suggest visiting them to assure the correct posture.


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  1. Hi, yes it would have been nice if you could have placed a photo of the correct positioning, and then the description of that position under the photo.

    • maitressemadz said:

      I am currently working on that at this moment, I have only one submissive and he is male so some of the postures are not appropriate for him; thus I have set myself about hand drawing the postures. This of course takes some time to ensure anatomical accuracy, which is why I have included a link to a wonderful website that includes pictures of postures. Please refer to that website if you have any questions regarding the female postures listed. Thank you for your comment, and please visit again in the future or drop any questions you may have, I am more than happy to help whenever I can.

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