Service Based Submission

A Life of Service

For each of you submission will mean something different. Your submission will be made up of individual interests, experience, and skill. Hopefully you will temper your submission into a beautiful instrument of pleasure for your Dominant, but in order to do so knowledge of yourself and your drives is essential. If you have a Dominant partner, this is an important journey for both of you and a wonderful opportunity for growth. If you are a solitary submissive, understanding yourself and your desires in submission is important in being able to find and establish a healthy relationship with a Dominant partner.

I would suggest that as you start assessing your particular submissive traits you take an in depth personality test and complete Miss Abernathy’s Assessment. These are both good starting places for the development of specific skill sets.

Types of Service

Body Servant: (Valet or Lady’s Maid)

This type of submissive prefers to assist the Dominant in the handling of hygiene, clothing, grooming. Body servants are gratified by the deep intimate bond they have with their Dominant.  You place value in physical appearance and neatness as well as manners and social conduct. You put a great amount of value on the trust of your Dominant and your capability to help them in these more domestic and personal areas.

Skills For Body Servants

  • Basic:

    • Sewing
    • Ironing
    • Fashion Knowledge
  • Intermediate:

    • How to Apply Makeup
    • How to Give a Manicure
    • How to Give a Pedicure
  • Advanced:

    • How to Care for Skin
    • How to Shave
    • How to Style Hair
    • How to Wax

Erotic Servant: (Sex Toy or Concubine)

This type of submission focuses on the development of sexual prowess and sensuality. You wish to fulfill the sexual desires of your Dominant before all else. You find fulfillment in knowing and developing techniques of seduction that most interest your Dominant partner, and you do not mind being objectified as a sexual toy or outlet, in fact you crave it. An Erotic servant exists for the sole pleasure of the Dominant, they do not seek their own sexual pleasure unless so required to fulfill the needs and wants of the Dominant. Often times Erotic servitude includes orgasm control/denial, chastity, sexual service without gratification, and use as a sexual object for pleasure or humiliation.

Skills For Erotic Servants

  • Basic:

    • Personal Hygiene (Shaving, Douching, Enemas)
    • Sexual Display
    • Flexibility
  • Intermediate:

    • Know the Dominants Taste for Clothing
    • Fellatio or Cunnilingus
    • Manual Stimulation
  • Advanced:

    • Erotic Dance
    • Erotic Massage
    • Advanced Sexual Techniques (Kama Sutra, Tantric Sex)

domestic Servant: (Butler or Maid)

The Domestic servant lives to serve and fulfill the needs of the household. This form of submission includes taking care of all household chores and tasks. Submissives who yearn for order and cleanliness will find themselves most richly rewarded with this type of service as they oversee the day-to-day maintenance of the household in order to please their Dominant partner. Cooking, laundering, sewing, and a working knowledge of repair and maintenance best suit submissives who are called to domestic service. This type of submission demands versatility and willingness to take on any task required to keep the household in perfect working order.

Skills For Domestic Servants

  • Basic:

    • House Cleaning
    • Taking House Calls
    • Organizing Mail
  • Intermediate:

    • Receiving Guests
    • Grocery Shopping
    • Cooking
  • Advanced:

    • Household Budgeting
    • Household Maintenance (Repair)
    • Yard or Lawn Maintenance

Public Servant: (Personal Secretary, Liaison, Escort)

The Public servant has a wonderful personality and yearns to accompany his or her Dominant publicly. People who feel drawn to this type of service enjoy socializing and have many valuable skills with which they can entertain both the Dominant and the Dominant’s friends. Public submissives enjoy the fulfillment they receive from being an asset to their Dominant in the social sphere, through their use of good manners, distinguished speech, and excellent dress.

Skills For Public Servants

  • Basic:

    • Listening
    • Speaking
    • Scheduling
  • Intermediate:

    • Professional Demeanor
    • Secretarial Skills
    • Networking
  • Advanced:

    • Public Speaking
    • Event Organizing
    • Accounting

Quick Course in Basic Skill Sets

Each type of submission has its own related skill sets, and many submissives will feel led to more than just a singular type of submission. Even if there is a form of service you find yourself less interested in, it is advisable to learn the very basic set of skills for each type of service. Your Dominant will further train you according to his or her tastes, for now I have provided several articles on the Basic skills required for each type of submission.

Personal Hygiene

How to Sew

How to Iron

How to Press Clothes

How to Take a Message

How to increase flexibility

How to Clean a House

How to Organize Mail

How to Develop Good Communication Skills

How to Make and Keep a Schedule


5 thoughts on “Service Based Submission”

  1. This was very helpful, thank you.
    As someone who was recently approached by their first offer of service/submission in this capacity, do you know of a good resource for effectively domming for these subs?

    • maitressemadz said:

      Christina Abernathy has at least three books that would help you as you begin to explore dominance and submission. Check Fetlife for local meetups and safety courses in your area.

  2. Shelly said:

    May I share your writing

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