Miss Abernathy’s Assessments

Below is a compilation of the assessments Miss Abernathy set forward in her book. I have used her preliminary assessments and made some modifications to include other submissive traits that were not previously addressed in the book. The following assessment takes into account the pet submissive traits. These can and sometimes do intermingle with the four general submissive traits mentioned in Miss Abernathy’s book. How you choose to build and support these characteristics with your submissive is part of the enjoyment of training. I would suggest maintaining a copy of the following assessments so that as the submissive grows he or she has the ability to re-address the questions, and the program can be modified accordingly.

Assessment of Submissive Characteristics

Imagine you are a live-in submissive/slave/pet , serving your ideal Dominant. What would your life be like? Choose the answer that most closely fits your Perfect Reality.

1. At 6 a.m. I am suddenly awakened by…

a. Mistress’s bell.

b. Mistress’s foot.

c. the alarm clock.

d. the wake-up call.

e. My Mistress’s command.

f. My Mistress petting/brushing me.

2. It’s time to get dressed. I put on

a. my uniform.

b. nothing.

c. an apron.

d. a suit

e. my collar and leash.

f. my bit and bridle.

3. It’s a busy day. I spend the morning…

a. mending Master’s riding breeches.

b. pleasuring Master.

c.  cleaning the hall closet.

d. attending Master as he tours the city.

e. fetching things for Master.

f. daily exercise.

4. Time for lunch! I eat…

a. in the sitting room.

b. off Mistress’s boot.

c. whenever I get a minute.

d. in a nice little cafe Mistress likes.

e. out of my bowl.

f. from my food bucket.

5. The best thing about being a submissive/slave/pet is…

a. being close to Master.

b. the sex.

c. feeling useful.

d. experiencing new things.

e. being a loyal companion.

f. being a prized possession.

6. My strong point is…

a. my knowledge of fashion.

b. my sex appeal.

c. my organization skills.

d. my people skills.

e. my loyalty and discipline.

f. my prowess and physical beauty.

7. The hardest part of being a slave is…

a. finding time to keep myself looking good.

b. getting my intellectual needs met.

c. the details, all the little details.

d. being on show all the time.

e. not being free to play with my toys.

f. always being a perfect tool.

8. After dinner…

a. Master reads the paper while I polish his shoes.

b. we retire to the boudoir.

c. I do the dishes.

d. we’re off to the theater with the Billings-Joneses.

e. I relax next to Master’s feet ready to serve.

f. I stand next to Master’s side ready to serve.

9. Time for bed I must…

a. lay out Mistress’s outfit for tomorrow.

b. make myself available in case Mistress wants a massage.

c. review tomorrow’s menu.

d. get some sleep after pleasuring Mistress. I’ve got to look my best.

e. retire to my bed and sleep.

f. retire to my room/stable and sleep.

10. I dream about…

a. being allowed to accompany Master on a drive.

b. the day Master lets me masturbate for him.

c. a nice long bubble bath and an intimate dinner out with Master.

d. just staying home one weekend and relaxing.

e. playing a game with Master.

f. winning a prize for Master.

See Types of Submission for The Analysis of Assessment Results

Assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses

List five things you do very well:

List five things you don’t know how to do, but would like to learn:

List five things you are embarrassed about not being able to do well:

List five things you love to do but would never admit to in public:

Assessment of Tendency

Complete the following sentences.

I imagine myself as a submissive/slave/pet being able to…

As a submissive/slave/pet , I wouldn’t be allowed to…

The idea that those things would be forbidden makes me feel…

Just once in my life, I’d like to…

I definitely would not want to…

In my sexiest private fantasy, I…

I have a secret fetish for…

Being in a collar would make me feel…

If I were forbidden to have an orgasm for a whole week, I’d…

When I masturbate, I often think about…

I’d like to learn how to…

Serving my Master or Mistress in public would make me feel…

My most erotic memory is…

My favorite book is…

My favorite movie is…

In my free time, I most often…

The thing I find most attractive in other people is…

My highest priority in life is…

Sometimes I doubt I’ll ever be able to…

I think most of my romantic involvements have been…

In the past, I was ashamed of…

I feel I’ve come to terms with…

If there’s one negative emotion I can’t handle it’s…

When a person raises their voice to me, I…

The three things I associate with silence are…

If pressed, I’d identify myself as…

The biggest influence on my erotic life has been…

I’d describe my spiritual life as…

I believe strongly that…

I’d fight for my right to…

I’ve only ever wanted to…

Assessment of Risk

Rate your responses to the following statements. Use a scale of 1-10 where 1 means “never/absolutely not” and 10 means “always/most definitely”.

I am most comfortable when in a monogamous relationship.

I enjoy feeling helpless or “out of control” sometimes.

I am attracted to members of my own gender.

I am uncomfortable if I don’t know what my partner is thinking.

My family knows about my interest in D/s and they’re all right with it.

My friends know about my interest in D/s and they’re supportive of my choices.

If my neighbors found out about my interest in D/s, it wouldn’t bother them in the least.

My therapist is comfortable discussing my interest in D/s and seems to know something about consensual BDSM.

Answer the Following Questions.

Describe your current job (or other sources of income). In what ways do you imagine submission might affect your work?

If your employer or co-workers found out about your interest in D/s, what would be the likely outcome?

If you quit your job today, where would you stand financially?

Answer the following questions as honestly and clearly as possible.

Have you had a physical examination in the last three years?

Would you be able to afford a physical examination at this time?

Do you have an allergies?

Do you have any dietary restrictions? Are you vegetarian or vegan?

Do you have any chronic illnesses or injuries that trouble you? What sort of treatment do you use?

Do your wear eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct vision? Do you need to correct your vision? Do you wear any hearing devices?

Do you use any drugs (including alcohol and tobacco) recreationally? What and how often?

Are you currently struggling with an addiction?

Are you aware of any body image issues that trouble you?

Are you clean and/or sober? For how long?

Are you in recovery from an addiction other than alcohol or drugs? For how long?

Did you suffer any abuse (physical, verbal, psychological, sexual, spiritual..) as a child?

Have you suffered such abuse as an adult?

How have you learned to heal these wounds?

If you have a history of abuse, can you identify any “triggers” (words, sounds, objects, situations) that might cause you trauma now?

Do you have any history of abusing others? If so, what steps have you taken to change this pattern?

Christina Abernathy. Erotic Slavehood: A Miss Abernathy Omnibus (Kindle Location 833-921). Kindle Edition.

Abernathy, Christina; The Art of Erotic Slavehood (Oakland: Greenery Press, 2007).

This excerpted work is the sole property of Christina Abernathy and Greenery Publishing. It is represented herein as a modified portion of her original work The Art of Erotic Slavery solely for the purpose of providing information and not for monetary gain. This book is a must have for Dominants and submissives, I highly suggest purchasing a copy from the link below.



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