On this page you will find all manner of forms and documents to assist you in safely starting, maintaining, and keeping progress reports of your D/s BDSM relationship.

This section includes both information and actual forms that you may use to assist you. I do not claim intellectual property over cited materials and any outside references have been given due credit for the knowledge provided. I hope that those of you searching will be able to find what you need herein. If you are looking for something in particular or have any questions please feel free to post your comments.

Preamble to Paperwork

In Regard to the Consensual Agreement

The Consensual Agreement (Long Form)

The Consensual Agreement (24/7 D/s)

Miss Abernathy’s Assessment

Coming Soon…


The Consensual Agreement (Play Partners)

The Consensual Agreement (Subbing Out)

The Consensual Agreement (Power Exchange)

Non Disclosure Agreement (Legally Binding)


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