I, MP (CUR), of my own free will, offer myself to you, KB (Maîtresse), as your full-time submissive.

I will obey you at all times and will wholeheartedly seek your pleasure and well-being above all other considerations. I will attend to your needs before my own and will serve you in whatever function you may desire of me.

I will strive diligently to re-mold my body, habits and attitude in accordance with your desires, and will gracefully accept criticism and  instruction.

I agree to wear as outward sign of ownership the dog tag, ring, and any other items of decoration, permanent or semi-permanent marking at all times. I agree to wear a collar at all times where you deem appropriate.

Within the limits of physical safety and my ability to earn a livelihood, I otherwise accept as your prerogative, anything you may choose to do with me, whether as punishment, or for your amusement, no matter how painful or humiliating to myself.

I will maintain our home in a clean and tidy state, in addition to specific chores dictated by you at any time. If I need assistance with the daily chores due to work constraints I will ask for your assistance. If I do not ask for assistance and do not complete the chores, I will be subject to punishment.

I will regard you with an attitude of respect and submission at all times. I will maintain a position behind you when in public, and will sit at your feet when appropriate.

I understand and agree that any failure by me to comply fully with your desires shall be regarded as sufficient cause for punishment and/or dismissal.

All interactions with other people, (play, personal time, dates) will be considered on a case by case basis. Sub may not negotiate play with other people on his own. All arrangements must be made through Maîtresse. Sexual contact or communication with outside people (anyone other than Maîtresse regardless of the relationship or previous friendship) is not permitted at all whether in jest or in earnest, and will be severely punished, including termination of the relationship.

I, M (CUR), acknowledge the importance of BDSM in our life and will work to keep the power exchange alive in our daily lives.

I, M (CUR), recognize the following freedoms accorded to me by my Maîtresse:

a. freedom to feed myself when out of Her presence.

b. freedom to fulfill the essential daily rituals of cleansing, hygiene, expelling bodily wastes when not in Her presence.

c. freedom and responsibility to take up gainful employment.

d. freedom to interact with my friends/family in real life when I notify Her with the times  dates and receive her permission to do so.

e. freedom to purchase items of essential need (food, water, clothing, toiletries,

medical expenses, technology).

2. I place myself fully and with utmost trust into the hands of my Maîtresse knowing full well that she respects me and cares for me and that no permanent injury shall deliberately be done to me.

3. I agree to hold my Maîtresse harmless from any civil or criminal liability which may inure to me as a consequence of the actions agreed to in this contract; with the proviso that I do not relinquish the right to legal actions regarding any items specifically excluded from my part of this agreement.

4. My safe word is Jae. I shall have the right to use it at any time during the term of this contract. If I have the right to use it and do so, the contract will [will temporarily terminate for a period of thirty minutes.]

And I, as your Maîtresse, accept these terms of your submission to me. I will treat you with respect and will cherish you as My prized possession. I will strive to maintain discipline, consistency, and  creativity in our lives.

I require compliance with the following rules:

1. My presence will be greeted at all times by my chosen form of affection from My CUR.

2. My CUR will at all times use discretion when interacting on any form of online communication. My CUR will not remove his collar at any time without My express consent, to do so will be seen as a sign of disrespect and disloyalty, punishable by any means I see fit.

Punishment for removing collar:

・        10 lashings across the back for every instance of removal.

・        Corner punishment for a period of 15 minutes or until I give him leave to return to my presence.

3. My CUR will not associate speak with or interact with anyone outside of those persona accepted by Me, unless I give him consent to do so.

Punishment for accepting gifts or chatting with anyone not included in the list of acceptable persons without My express consent:

・        5 lashings-10 lashings depending on the severity of the disobedience.

4. My CUR will have an allowance of $25 dollars a day to spend on food, drink, cigarettes, personal items unless otherwise given permission by My self to spend over that limit for the day.

5. My CUR will not interact publicly or privately without My express consent or as otherwise defined in the terms of this contract.

6. My CUR will not punish himself or take responsibility for the determination of his punishments.

Punishment for taking disciplinary action of his own will without My instruction:

・        Ice water shower followed by one hour of prostration head to the floor.

・        Corner time until I see fit to allow My CUR to return to my presence.

7. My CUR will immediately and directly obey all requests and demands without any hesitation.

Punishment for failure to do so will be determined based on severity of disobedience.

8. My CUR will have his area cleaned and his chores done everyday before he comes to Me.

・        Chores: Washing dishes, making bed, straightening bedroom, personal grooming, emptying ash tray, emptying trash, changing cat litter, washing clothing, putting away laundry.

9. My CUR will not change his manner of dress for anyone but me and may not change his dress unless I specifically instruct him to do so.

10. My CUR will not associate with others without My express permission save for those listed below.

1. Genetic family

2. Close friends in real life and online:

Sabrina Tremblay


Aiyanna Orchid

Diane Fontaine

EvilAngel Intermenos

Isabella Benusconi

Divine Crescendo

Moira Blackheart


Coworkers and Supervisors at place of employment.

All interactions with these individuals will align with the rules and expectations of this contract and in respect of My person and My feelings at all times. Failure to do so will be severely punished by any means I see fit.

* For reasons of public decency when interacting socially with any of the above mentioned My CUR will recognize and respect all individuals accompanying or meeting him.

This contract, signed the twelfth day of December, 2010 will remain in effect indefinitely, so long as Mistress and slave remain in a consensual relationship. Addenda and deletions can and will be made as necessary.

In witness whereof, we affix our signatures and seals the day and date this contract was revised written above:

KB                                                        MP

Maîtresse Madz                                      CUR