A Not so Humble Beginning

It must be said at the forefront that sometimes things happen that you never planned for, even the most controlling of us cannot plan for the unexpected.

Our story began as friends, just friends… he belonged to another and I , well I belonged to no one much to the dismay of my “would be” Dominant partner at the time. The story is more insidious than quaint and here and now I will bare it all. I had the happy misfortune of involving myself with an “internet dominant” not that I am a submissive, but I do admit a fondness for men that know what they want and how to get it. Real control is something so tasteful in another, it is easy to fall victim for the illusion. My cur was there when the illusion fell, when the lies, deceit, and stupidity grew to such an extreme there was nothing for me to do but wash my hands of the mess. And wash my hands I did, I lost a lot of “friends”, was accused by people I trusted of being a charlatan, and told that I was making a huge mistake.

I hold to this day that this is one of the best “mistakes” I have ever made.

Yes for all those who doubted me, and never truly knew… I do not abide to being led by the blind.

Needless to say he was abandoned by one who had taken his trust and I was done dealing with people who pretend yet have no actual shred of ability to care for themselves or others. So we began caring for each other, at first as close friends, then as Maîtresse and cur, and now we are everything to one another. He is my equal in all things, which makes his submission to me so much sweeter.