In the Beginning…

I created my ideal mate, with patience and attention to detail I listed all of his attributes and those flaws which only add beauty. Then I stored him away… so that one day I could find him and take him all for myself.

I am a greedy possessive creator.

And so it was, that one day, I stumbled upon my creation. It was instant the connection, but so subtle that I did not realize, could not accept…would not accept that I had found my beloved creation.

So I destroyed him, and created him anew. I tore everything from him and taught him about loyalty, love, perseverance, honesty, and control. He was wily and disobedient, after all I love a good challenge, but as I washed away the layers of filth and pain caused by those who came before me, he learned and he grew. He became wholly mine… a true prize.

This is our journey, I found my diamond and now I lovingly shape him and create him into my perfect possession.